The ExcelMark DIY Name Plate Kit is an easy and fast solution for professional custom signage. Print text from your home or office laser printer, and conveniently interchange the name or message for multiple uses. Featuring Twist-Offs® wall mounts, effortlessly take the name plate on and off the wall to swap out signage without surface damage. Plus, choose from a brushed silver or gold insert to provide a realistic engraved look at an economical price.

Printable Templates

Download one of the templates below to begin customizing your nameplate.

Microsoft Word Template

1-Line PDF Template

2-Line PDF Template

PDF Instructions

Download PDF and open file in Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill in editable fields. When printing, select the 'Choose paper source by PDF page size' print option.


Packaging Contents

  1. Name plate holder (1)
  2. Name plate desk holder legs (1 left, 1 right)
  3. Clear arcylic cover (1)
  4. Clear printable film sheets (4)
  5. Brushed foil inserts (1 silver, 1 gold)
  6. Twist-Offs® wall mounts with removable adhesive (2)

Customization and Printing

  1. Download a printable template.
    • The Word Doc template is recommended and allows for more flexibility when customizing.
    • Two editable PDFs are available for users that do not have access to Microsoft Word.
  2. Type in custom text and adjust type until desired look is achieved.
    • Make sure all text fits within allotted text box.
  3. Using a laser printer, print on the plastic side of one sheet of clear printable film (D).
    • See printer's instructions for how to use secondary feed tray and size guide.


1. Remove clear acrylic cover (C) by gently pushing the blunt end of a pen through the circle on the back of the name plate holder (A).

2. Peel protective layers off both sides of clear acrylic cover (C).

    • Do not use a sharp object to remove protective layers. This may cause scratching.

3. Peel printed label away from clear printable film (D).

4. Stack silver or gold foil insert (E), printed film (D) and acrylic cover (C) on top of each other in that order.

5. With the name plate holder (A) facing you, slide the stacked inserts and cover (E, D, C) into one end of the holder.

  • Ensure text is placed right side up by referring to logo on back of holder.

6. Apply pressure to opposite end of name plate holder (A) to snap cover (C) into place.

Mounting to Wall

1. Peel film off adhesive discs of Twist-Offs® wall mounts (F) on back of name plate holder (A).

2. Press firmly on desired position on wall.

  • Consider using a level for precise placement.

Removing Mount from Wall

1. To remove name plate holder (A) from wall, apply pressure upwards to pop name plate holder (A) off Twist-Offs® wall mounts (F).

  • Twist-Offs® mounts should still be sticking to the wall.

Removing Twist-Offs® Wall Mounts

1. Use a coin or screwdriver to rotate Twist-Offs® wall mounts (F) until they release from wall.

  • Twisting action will release adhesive from wall without damage.

Using Name Plate Holder on Flat Surface

1. Insert left and right marked desk holder legs (B) into corresponding inner slots on back of name plate holder (A).

  • The long edge of each leg will rest on desk or flat surface.